Accommodation during Variant 5 Days

The «Variant 5 Days» are an affordable way to experience and explore the Rhodope Mountains near Pamporovo and Smolyan. We are offering a campground at low cost, where you can set up your own tent. Moreover a big range of guest houses and hotels are available in Pamporovo region. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information.

What you can expect at the camping site: a nice alpine meadow, access to drinking and washing water, toilets, waste-disposal area, parking. Nearby you can find a swimming pool (entry fee). Shopping possibilities in Pamporovo (7km) and Smolyan (20km). If you want to use the camping please book it during the online entry process. A minimal fee will be charged to cover our costs for renting the meadow, waste disposal, water supply and so on.

More information on guest houses and hotels will be provided soon.


Camping fees for the entire event (including Ultra7):

EUR 15 per person (M/W 18 and older)

EUR 10 per child in classes M/W 14 and 16

Younger children camp for free.

No discounts applicable if you stay only for part of the event.